Why the lack of pictures?

If you’ve been reading this blog (a huge thank you to all you readers), you’ve probably noticed that there aren’t many pictures to accompany these posts. There are a few reasons for why I keep my posts bare.

Number one: I don’t take any good ballet pictures and I don’t have the opportunity to produce good ballet pictures.

Number two: The only pictures I do have the rights to are picture clouds and snow fall. No matter how much I like them (they’re embarrassing, really), they don’t say anything about dance, and you’d be like “what on earth does this picture have to do this with this post?” if I tacked one onto my posts. So I just don’t do it.

But, you exclaim, the internet is filled with gorgeous pictures of ballet dancers, pointe shoes, tutus, you name it, Google Pics can probably find it. And that takes us right to reason

Number 3: I don’t feel entirely good about taking pictures from Google Search, Pinterest or Weheartit and tacking them onto my post. Many of the pictures circulated on these picture sharing sites have been posted there without the permission of the model and the photographer. In many cases, the photographer is not even mentioned on the picture, and hence the person who put in hours of hard work to produce the perfect picture does not get any credit. While sharing pictures for the sake of admiring the beautiful work of others is ok as no one is directly profiting, I feel like posting these pictures onto my blog without explicit permission from the photographer would be taking advantage of this person’s hard effort. After all, posting pictures is often done to embellish the site and encourage more readers to visit the blog and thus directly profits the blog owner without giving any credit to the owner of the photograph.


There. I just thought I wanted to share this with all of you. I am ok with posting pictures that have been released into Public Domain. There are some real ballet gems to be discovered in the old archives.



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