The first breath of dance

It’s been silent in this corner of the world wide web. It’s been silent in my dancing life, partially due to injury, partially due to dance burn-out (I didn’t think it could happen, but lo and behold, it did. There does exist such a thing as too much dance.) I spent most of the summer in my room, gazing outside as the arctic rain washed the window panes again and again. I spent countless hours in the offices of the orthopedists, the physical therapist and the osteopath. Most of them were not optimistic. And neither was I. I didn’t want to be optimistic. I felt like I had had too much dance. I danced through pain, illness and fatigue. I danced when I should have just sat back and let my body heal.

I promised that I would not go to ballet class this fall. I sat in my dorm room and watched as the clock crept toward 2 pm- the time at which the intermediate ballet class starts. I was wearing an old baggy t-shirt and worn-out running pants. 20 minutes until class starts- should I go or should I not go? 10 minutes until class starts- go, now, no, wait. 5 minutes- I dashed out of my room and grabbed a pair of ballet slippers on my way out.

In the studio, there was an assemblage of perfect leotards, tights and buns on perfect dancer bodies, and then there was me, my baggy t-shirt and running pants. But all of that didn’t matter.

Because as the music began, and the arm drew the first breath of the port-de-bras, everything else, but the purity of movement in time, ceased to exist.


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  1. Hey! Thank you for checking out my blog and choosing to follow. I appreciate the support! I’m sorry i took awhile to get around to your blog. I actually read a couple of your posts, i thought i already commented on a few but i just checked and i realized I never did, only in my head. But, i look forward to reading your experiences and following.

    I like the way you write and your passion for dance seeps through the computer screen. I could almost feel the frustration of you arguing with yourself and the adrenaline during the mad dash to make it to class. Its such a bad situation you are in. Being forced onto the sidelines and prevented from part taking in your passion yet if you park take risking and jeopardize a permanent injury in which will prevent you from dancing at all in the future. I say, push yourself and do what you can cause you NEED it to be happy but don’t go over board. Better a little bit of dance now then a future of no dance at all. Best of luck to you! Hope your injury heals quickly!

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